Patrick Bancel was born 20 miles apart from Van Gogh and Cezanne Studio in the beautiful daylight of Provence. He has been painting skies since he was five years old, and quickly started to copy master painters such as the Dutch artists, in addition to Michelangelo, Renoir, Monet, Derain, Magritte, and Rothko, among others. He continuously returned to painting en plein air (outdoor) which helped him achieve an unerring realistic accuracy of his subjects. Feeling yet the world was going crazy, he instinctively refused to continue his engineering studies, turning his back to sciences world because he felt it was missing some wisdom. He started to practice relaxation, hypnosis and later meditation to clear his mind. In the same time, his painting was moving instinctively to the essential, the light. The light at its source, sky, and the way the light was reflecting on objects around us to make them come real or unreal. He learned trompe l’oeil (trick the eyes) at Van Der Kelen Superior Painting Institute in Brussels. Upon graduation, Patrick was awarded the Medal and Jury’s distinction and started working as the Assistant Director of the Institute. He also studied at the Ateliers des Beaux Arts de Paris in France. Mixing real objects and painting on same canvas, the trompe l’oeil techniques allowed him to tease viewer eyes and mind about what was real or not. He mastered the subject developing collections with this specific theme on one side and kept painting skies on the other. Traveling around the world for his art he took advantage of every trip to capture more sky scenes with photography and video. Little by little he slowly moved away from the old Europe way to do art in a more contemporary approach with a perfect mix of his background, mastering classic European painting techniques, with the latest media of our century. Bancel has had numerous exhibitions in France and US, in galleries and museums, including The New York National Arts Club (New York, NY), Chelsea Art Museum (New York, NY), National Museum of Marine (Trocadero Paris, France), Salon des Artistes Francais (Grand Palais, Paris, France). His work has been highly praised by the New York Times and other leading publications for the past ten years. His work is owned by many private collectors in more than 24 countries, including The Francis J. GREENBURGER Collection, The Art Omi International Collection and the New York National Arts Club permanent collection. Looking at art as an intuition for the future, he keeps practicing meditation, painting, photography and video to use today all his body of work and experience to open eyes on the new world coming to us. His new “Billboards” collection brings together his work as a photographer and painter to focus on revealing the shocking contradictory times we live in as it relates to climate change. He works now on a public art project using NYC Billboards to put peaceful skies visuals to talk about climate change issue.

Artist's Statement

“The beauty of the world I have been seeing gives me the chance to observe the light in many ways. The practice of martial arts and meditation make me share some wisdom with yoga, kung fu and tai-chi masters. Exceptional grace moments and perceptiveness convinced me to work on light.Whatever are the subjects in my collections, I make them come true or unreal. Using the beauty as a medium I play with spectator eyes and mind to make him react on what is real or not, sharing what life taught me, giving me messages when,where and how I attempted the least. I like now the idea of using my body of work about skies painting, photos, videos and billboard to wake up some mind about everyday life and Global Warming concern. This Billboards Collection focuses on revealing the shocking contradictory times we live in as it relates to climate change. I plan to make this billboards project happen on real billboard in New York City. The idea is to make this capital of Billboard advertising, the one city to follow on going green and public art. ”


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